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Cooperative of BULOG Employees or Koperasi Pegawai BULOG Seluruh Indonesia (KOPELINDO) was established on March 25th 1999.


KOPELINDO is committed to improving economic and social welfare of members in particular and society in
general, contributing to the growth of the nation.


To achieve this, KOPELINDO coordinates and support various regional cooperatives that are part of BULOG
community in growing their enterprises.


PT Kopelindo Infratruktur Indonesia (Kopel Infrastruktur) was established in 2015 and jointly owned by Koperasi Pegawai dan Pensiunan BULOG Seluruh Indonesia (70%) and PT Advantic Business (30%)

2005 - 2014

Invest in multiple business sectors: logistic, property, outsourcing, etc.


Direct investment:

70% share of PT Kopel Lahan Andalan (Property Developer)


Acquired 32% share of PT Bank Bukopin Tbk (Public Company)


Divest 14% ownership in PT Bank Bukopin Tbk: 32% - 18%


Direct investment:

70% share of PT Kopelindo Infrastruktur Indonesia (Infrastructure Investment Company)

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